About us

Mendham Machinery Pty Ltd was part of the Mendham group of companies.

The Mendham group of companies started under the home of Mr A Mendham senior in Yeronga in 1948. The company grew over the first few years until it was too large to remain at that home and then moved to a shed built on Ipswich Road in Moorooka where it remained till 1972.

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The company continued to grow till it outgrew that property and a new factory was built a few kilometers further out of town at 1776 Ipswich road in Rocklea where the Mendham group moved and remained at this address till 2009.

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In 2009 a new modern building was built next door at 1800 Ipswich Road which has a 2 meter higher ground level than the previous building. This was to our advantage in the floods of 2011 as the flood waters did not reach the floor level of the new building. The Mendham group remains at this address today.

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Before Mendham Machinery was established as a separate identity in 1988, Engine Reconditioning Machinery was sold from the Mendham group of companies. Since 1988 Mendham Machinery had grown to be one of the largest sales outlet for new and used Engine reconditioning equipment in Australia.

On 1/08/2016 the Mendham group of companies was restructured to once again include the sales of new Berco equipment through the Mendham Engineering section of the Group. Mendham Machinery will no longer be trading in the purchase and sale of used equipment.